I recommend her leadership and 6 week training class on being an Intercessor!!! God is doing a great work in her and I love God and I love her!!! She is sincere and dedicated to the work of the Kingdom!

Jazmine Bolden
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Above all giftings, this is a woman of integrity. Interacting with her professionally, spiritually and socially, I can say that SHE LIVES WHAT SHE PREACHES!!!! She's the real deal and the grace of God undergirds her and her family. Stay connected to Adrienne Young!!

J. Elijah Bratton

About Adrienne S. Young

Adrienne S. Young

GLOCAL Influencer

Known in the digital streets as “The Fly Preacha!” and the “Queen of Thrifting,” Adrienne LOVES all things faith, family, and fashion! 

Being her authentic self, she is known for her entertaining YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook lives where she reveals products and gives a true reaction with infectious joy and maybe an occasional shout track as she did on a live featuring a Stylist J. Bolin reveal and now is in partnership with him!

As a GLOCAL Influencer (Global & Local), she partners with companies and female entrepreneurs to "Be the BRAND!"

✨ Be visible

✨ Represent

✨ Authentically, and

✨ Never

✨ Diminish!

Adrienne is married to an AMAZING husband, Edward, who is her favorite middle school football coach, business partner, and Alpha man and a boy mom to two fun-loving, handsome teenagers! 

As an author, she is the Amazon Bestseller for three books with “Don’t Go Thrifting Without Me” leading the pack. 

In 2017, she and 15 women established Remnant Warriors Global, Inc, a nonprofit reaching over 7,000 women in 13 countries, where their mission is to teach women and girls how powerful they are and to walk in their kingdom authority.

Follow her on ALL social media @adriennesyoung, even Clubhouse.📍

Carolina Girl - SC!



M. Div.

Originally from Gaffney, SC, Adrienne, and her family live in Fort Mill, SC.